rent1 W3S2 [rent] v
1.) [I and T]
to regularly pay money to live in a house or room that belongs to someone else, or to use something that belongs to someone else
Most students rent rooms in their second year.
I'd rather have my own house than rent.
rent sth from sb
Some farmers rent their land from the council.
2.) also rent out [T]
to let someone live in a house, room etc that you own, or use your land, in return for money
British Equivalent: letrent sth (out) to sb
She rents out two rooms to students.
3.) [T] especially AmE to pay money for the use of something for a short period of time
British Equivalent: hire
Will you rent a car while you're in Spain?
rent at/for [rent at/for sth] phr v
if a house rents at or for an amount of money, that is how much you must pay to use it
Houses here rent for at least $2,500 a week.
WORD CHOICE: rent, hire, lease
Rent is used to talk about paying to live in or use a building that is owned by someone else : We rented an apartment together.
In American English, you also rent a car or electrical equipment : The TV is rented.
In British English, you can use rent or hire , but it is more usual to say that you hire a car : You can hire a car at the airport.
Lease is used to talk about renting buildings, cars, or equipment over a long period of time, especially for business use : If you upgrade computers regularly, it may work out cheaper to lease them.
rent 2
rent2 n
[Sense: 1-3; Date: 1100-1200; : Old French; Origin: rente, from Vulgar Latin rendita, from Latin reddere; RENDER]
[Sense: 4; Date: 1500-1600; Origin: rend]
1.) [U and C]
the money that someone pays regularly to use a room, house etc that belongs to someone else
I pay the rent at the beginning of every month.
high/low/reasonable etc rent
Shop rents are extremely high.
rent of
an annual rent of £8,000
2.) [U and C] especially AmE an amount of money that you pay to use a car, boat etc that belongs to someone else
The rent was only $20 an hour.
3.) for rent
available to be rented
Luxury villas for rent.
4.) formal
a large tear in something made of cloth
huge rents in the curtains
rent 3
rent3 v
the past tense and past participle of ↑rend

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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